AI voiceprint recognition+ Finance

Upgrade credit risk control system, prevent financial fraud, and improve customer satisfaction

FinVoice Financial Remote Voiceprint Identification System

VoiceAI provides one-stop voiceprint recognition system for financial institutions such as banks, securities institution, insurance companies, P2P, and so on. The system enables 1:1 customer identity confirmation, 1:N customer identity recognition and anti-spoofing liveness detection in the scenarios of customers’ using telephone hotline, mobile apps, automated teller machine, etc.Identity frauds & credit blacklisters will be recognized with early warnings. Customer’s identity can be automatically recognizing in call-ins and call-outs to improve customer service satisfaction. Customer’s identity will be easily confirmed during remote operations like account opening, card activating, registration, login, transfer, payment, transaction and so on., to reduce the risk of account theft by

Application Scenes

Credit risk control and anti-fraud

Improve risk control level and eliminate credit fraud

  • Automaticlly compare the voiceprint of operator with blacklist database
  • Early warning of situations like fake ID cards using, fake mobile phone numbers using and identity theft

Customer service hotline

Optimize customer experience and improve customer service satisfaction

  • Instead of security verification process, automatic voiceprint recognition can confirm customer's identity in minimum 2 seconds.
  • Automatically identificate the content of conversations and data analyze customer service's performance.

Customer self-service financial business

Convenient identity verification and low risk of account theft

  • Instead of using traditional manual verification and handwritten consent, customers can self-help with remote operations like registration, account openning and card activating by simply verifing their identities through voiceprints
  • Identity confirmation when customers use mobile APP , online banking, and smart teller machine for important operations such as login, transfer, payment, etc.